29 August 2013

huawei Ascend G510-0010 Firmwareတင္နည္း( Build number-B165xxx rom)

Step 1
Download the boot.img from B165 rom.

Step 2
Download UnlockRoot

Step 3 (optional, and G510-0010 only. If you won't update your phone's firmware, jump to step 5)
Download the latest version of your phone's firmware (B182, mine came with B168 version)

Step 4 (optional)
Extract the contents of the firmware file, then locate the dload folder. Copy it to the root of the microsd card. Now you can apply the firmware update in 3 different ways: a) turn your phone on while holding both volume keys, it'll put your phone on update mode and install the update.app you downloaded, b) open the update app from the tools folder on one of your phone's homescreens, c) go to settings -> about phone -> system update. The update software will tell you the process will take about 2 minutes, but that's a big whooper. Here it took almost 15, and almost freaked me out meanwhile.

Step 5
Now do the same with the boot.img you downloaded (extract, copy the dload folder to microsd card root and use one of the three means to flash the firmware file). That time it'll be very quick.

Step 6
I'm assuming you have the drivers for your device. As far as I can remember (the cellphone now belongs to my GF) they're in your phone's virtual disk you get when you plug your phone to your computer. If not, Google Handset_WinDriver.exe and install it. Turn your phone on, go to settings -> Developer options and turn USB Debugging on. Now hook your phone to your computer and run UnlockRoot, hit Root, wait until your device shows up and click on it. Wait until it asks you to install some crapware and answer no (you can also answer yes, that's your choice, I'm not telling you what to do or anything...). Now your phone is rooted, with SuperSu and other software installed, and ready to the next steps.


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