07 August 2013

Facebook ကို အလန္းဆံုး Style ႏွင့္သံုးႏိုင္မယ့္ Klyph Pro for Facebook 1.0.0

ကဲသူငယ္ခ်င္းတို႕ Facebook ကို အရင္သံုးေနၾက facebook ကို သံုးရတာ ျငီးေငြ႕ေနရင္ ဒါေလးသံုးၾကည့္လိုက္ပါ။ အရမ္းေပါ့ပါးတယ္။ သြက္လက္တယ္။လိုင္းေႏွးလို႕ official facebook မွာ ဓါတ္ပံုေတြမျမင္ႏိုင္တာကို ဒီေကာင္ေလးက ျမင္ရေအာင္လုပ္ေပးတယ္။ feeds ေတြကိုလည္း မ်ားစြာဖြင့္ေပးႏိုင္တယ္။ Theme ကို ေလးမ်ိဳးေလာက္ေျပာင္းသံုးႏိုင္တယ္။ဖိုင္ဆိုဒ္လည္းေသးပါတယ္။ က်ေနာ္ၾကိဳက္တာကေတာ့ အရမ္းေပါ့ပါးသြက္လက္တဲ့အခ်က္ပါပဲ။သံုးၾကည့္ၾကပါဦး
Google Play မွာေတာ့ $2.61 ႏွင့္ေပး၀ယ္ရမွာပါ။ဒီေဆာ့၀ဲက အခုမွ ပထမဆံုးထြက္တာပါ။စမ္းသံုးၾကည့္ၾကပါဦး။

Everyone gets tired of the ugly, slow official Facebook app so why don’t you give a try to Klyph: a new client for Facebook.
With a nice and smooth UI designed following the Android Design Guidelines, Klyph looks like the Google+ app but for Facebook.
Still young and in early development, Klyph may still miss some features but tries to bring the best user experience of Facebook on your Android devices (mobiles and tablets).
Please be aware that chat is not currently supported but we do our best to include it ASAP.
Also, due to Facebook limitations on third-party apps, the following features are not allowed:
• Like a page
• Tagging in statuses/comments with “@” like the official Facebook app
• Share a status/photo/video on a friend’s timeline.


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