09 May 2013

First Aid ေရွးဦးသူနာျပဳစုနည္း apk

ဒီေဆာ့၀ဲေလးထဲမွာ အေရးေပၚ ေရွးဦးသူနာျပဳစုနည္းေတြပါပါတယ္။
အသံုး ၀င္လာတဲ့အခါ အရန္သင့္ရွိဖို႕ ေဆာင္ထားသင့္တယ္ေနာ္။

First Aid, your first choice
When you are in a emergency situation, how to deal with it?
You need some instructions and First aid is your first choice.
First Aid is designed to help you follow the right procedures in
a stressful situation or support other people by giving them instructions.
 It is based on illustrations, videos and short texts that show you how
 to take the necessary action step by step and in the right order.

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